Property Manager

Sarah is a certified accounting technician, with invaluable prior experience in a variety of financial, accounting and customer facing roles, Sarah brings to the team unrevealed customer service skills with an assertive but tactful approach.

Prior to joining the Cathedral Team in 2018, Sarah's previous employment has included employment and housing benefit advise with Job Centre plus and account management with a debt collection agency. This experience is highly transferable to a role in property letting and management, particularly in respect of tenancy applications and rent management. Sarah possess strong negotiation skills and the ability to explain financial matters firmly and clearly, whilst possessing a good understanding of relevant legislation and an overview of the court procedures.

From a personal prospective Sarah is an independent women and a proud homeowner. The rest of the team here at Cathedral most admire Sarah for how these ethics spill into her working standards and how her attention to detail makes her a fierce advocate when overseeing tradesmaen's repairs or enforcing tenants property care responsibilities.